No Margin, No Mission
Our Mission

Our passion is to help healthcare facilities maximize their revenue, so they can continue to fulfill their God-given passion and mission of caring for people.

Our Vision

We strive to be renowned for our expertise in increasing profit for health care organizations while maximizing their resources and extending our solutions to as many organizations and businesses as possible.

Our Core Belief

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Our core belief is that if an organization deeply cares about its employees and can afford to take good care of them, the employees will take good care of the customer (and their own families). We walk side by side with them through the fire and help them come out the other side with a few burns as possible.

About the Company

With over 20 years of financial healthcare experience, Profit Without Census has been helping nursing homes survive their financial woes since 2016.

In 2015, when our Founder, Becky Ziviski, was an administrator, her father died unexpectedly. At the time, she was working 50+ hours per week, managing a large skilled nursing facility with ventilator patients, a secured dementia unit, skilled care, and long-term care.

Her father was her mother’s caregiver, and it was clear what Becky needed to do. Her career, she thought, would always be there, but her mom would not. She decided to temporarily leave her career and moved her mom in with her and her family.

It was blessing enough to be able to care for her mom, but shortly after taking on that caregiver role, she began receiving calls from colleagues asking for help. Her long history as a CFO and Administrator in skilled nursing gave her the background and skills needed to be able to coach many in her profession.

She had the desire to help others with the same issues, so she put her ideas into a book with the help of other professionals in senior care. Her book “Profit Without Census? A Nursing Home Administrator’s Guide to Profitability by Department” is sold throughout the US and Canada and has opened the door for many speaking engagements across the country.

In 2018, after nearly three wonderful but difficult years, her mom passed away. That experience gave her a personal perspective she hadn’t had before. Her heart was overwhelmed at the thought of nursing homes not being able to provide the care their residents needed due to financial constraints, or worse, they were forced to close. If facilities can afford to do more to empower and fulfill their employees, that directly affects the care they give to others (including their own families).

With the ability to travel more, she hit the road and joined forces with other professionals to help save companies from closure while providing leadership and education to Administrators, so they can better understand how to financially manage their operations.

With more profit, they can do more for their employees and residents and make a difference in our world. A profit margin will help them fulfill their heart’s mission because if No Margin, No Mission.

About the Owner

As a Certified Public Accountant with public accounting experience and a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Becky Ziviski has a unique, comprehensive perspective. She is the owner of Profit Without Census in Swanton, Ohio, and helps organizations avoid financial demise by working with them to identify areas of weakness to strengthen their bottom line.

She has 20 years of accounting and healthcare experience in the roles of CFO and NHA in both family-owned and Corporate senior care communities. She was also responsible for multi-million-dollar budgets while sustaining high-profit margins, family-friendly atmospheres, and achieving deficiency-free health surveys. ​​

She and her colleagues help healthcare communities achieve the success they desire, whether it be profit enhancement, increased fair market value, process improvements, or a complete turnaround. Her team strongly believes that increasing profits helps provide the framework needed to improve the lives of the residents and employees.

Presentations/Speaking Engagements/Published Articles

  • Kent State University
  • Adams Memorial Hospital LTC Partner Conference
  • Washington Nursing Home Association Convention (WHCA)
  • Virginia Nursing Home Association Convention (VHCA-VCAL)
  • Texas Nursing Home Association Convention (THCA)
  • Maine Nursing Home Association Fall Conference (MHCA)
  • LeadingAge Nebraska Spring Conference
  • Oklahoma Association of Health Care Providers Fall Fair (OAHCP)
  • Ohio Health Care Association Annual Conference (OHCA)
  • PointclickCare Summit
  • AAPC Toledo Chapter Fall Conference
  • The Healthcare Information Network, Inc. Webinar (HINseminars)
  • HCPro Webinar
  • HCPro HCMartketplace newsletter articles in PPS Alert for Long-Term Care & Billers Association for Long-Term Care

Read her book “Profit Without Census? A Nursing Home Administrator’s Guide to Profitability by Department,” where she identifies profit opportunities the departments in healthcare communities can achieve during times of a low or declining census.

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